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Massive Nintendo Entertainment System NES Collection

Jasmin Grecea Picture Massive Nintendo Entertainment System NES Collection

by Jasmin Grecea on Mon, February 11, 2013 at 3:19 AM

Massive NES Collection Neatly

Andrew's Nintendo Entertainment System NES CollectionIf you thought you were a game enthusiast, Andrew Hatelt from Canada just one upped you! At 20 years of age, he has collected over 700 unique Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games and has less than 100 to go, to complete the collection. Andrew has been playing and buying video games his entire life and at 14 he undertook a more serious approach to collecting games. His parents had the NES and games such as Super Mario Bros. and StarTropics prior to him being born. These two NES games were a couple of the first games he played and now part of his massive collection.

NES Collection: Most Valued Item

According to Andrew, there are three key factors that make one game more valuable than another: the rarity of the game, the date the game was released, and the internal desire the collector has for the game (which ultimately establishes what one is willing to pay). Where does someone go to find all of these NES games to add to their collection you ask? Collecting can get quite expensive, so in order to keep the spending down, Andrew finds NES games at thrift stores, flea markets, and video game swap meets. Andrew's Nintendo Entertainment System NES CollectionAlthough Andrew’s main focus is on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), he also has other game consoles as well as the games that go with those consoles in his collection.

NES Collection: NBA 2 Ball

We asked Andrew what his most valued item in his collection is: “It’s a game called NBA 2 ball from the 1998 NBA All Star game that was handed out to the audience.” This was a demo game made to be played on the first Sony Playstation; the full version was never made to be sold in retail. Talk about a diamond in the rough!

NES Collection: Inspires Others

Andrew inspires others to play Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games because he believes just because games were made 20 years ago and might not look as advanced as modern video games, that it does not mean they can't be just as or even more fun! He also went on to say that factually many games (not all) today lack a high level of challenge. Another reason that Andrew loves to play retro games is because so many of them are overall a ton of fun.

NES: Interactive

He believes that NES game collecting is one of the best hobbies you can have because you can actually interact with your collection by playing the games instead of just observing them. Andrew has a passion for game collecting and always focuses on his ultimate goal in collecting: to have fun and enjoy the games!

From the team at Are YOU Jelly? we wish Andrew the best of luck on completing his NES collection.

What were or still are your favorite Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games and what was the one you could never beat?

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