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Antique Documents and Antique Letters

Jasmin Grecea Picture Antique Documents and Antique Letters

by Jasmin Grecea on Mon, March 4, 2013 at 1:11 AM

Antique Documents Thing of the Past

In this day and age of technology paper documents are becoming a thing of the past. More and more books are now being purchased and read online via KindleAntique Documents and Antique Letters instead of being checked out at the library. They have even stopped teaching school children how to write in cursive because we now have keyboards where handwriting doesn′t really matter. Just think about how much antique documents and antique letters are going to be worth ten years from now!

Acquiring Antique Letters

Kelsey Kirchner certainly has this concept on his mind. At a very young age, Kelsey would come across letters in antique stores. It was at this point he decided that it would be in his benefit to begin collecting them now before they are all gone. Kelsey has been passionately collecting these items for almost 5 years now and has accumulated quite a collection within this time period. It Antique Documents and Antique Lettersisn′t always easy to locate antique letters, as they are usually tucked away in other antique items and require quite a bit of searching. Kelsey always visits antique shops during vacations and trips so that he can attempt to obtain letters that originated in various places throughout the country.

Most Valuable Item

Kelsey′s passion for collecting old letters stems from a need for preservation. Knowing that these precious items will be safe in his possession, Kelsey′s motivation is to preserve them so others can view them at a later date while they are still in good condition. Collecting is not the only thing Kelsey is passionate about; connecting is also a key motivator. Kelsey researches the names found in the antique documents and antique letters to try to communicate with their living relatives. He enjoys providing them with transcripts or information about their ancestors that can be found in the documents.

Antique Documents

New Collection Additions

The most recent item added to Kelsey′s collection, another favorite of his, is a bundle of about 25 antique letters and postcards from Nazi Germany from 1942, all addressed to a single person. The letters are complete with the stamps that Germany used at the time. While Kelsey admits this is a very interesting find, unfortunately the problem is that they are written in German, a language Kelsey is not fluent in. Other items that Kelsey enjoys collecting are helmets, uniforms, mess kits, bayonets, from World War 1 and World War 2. Labeled photographs are another collectible that has been of interest since Kelsey purchased a scanner. He scans these photos and posts them on for descendants to view. This ties back to Kelsey′s interest in connecting with descendants of the items he collects. Truly a fascinating collector with a passion for history!

Let us know if you have any old letters.

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